A little about me

What do you write when it's about yourself? 
What do I love? What do I do?

I love my family fiercely
I love my friends joyfully

Weeks after having my first son, I told my husband that I had found my calling in life, my purpose
I have never spoken truer words

Books are one of my favorite addictions
along with a glass of wine, my sewing machine, cuddling with my husband, and drive-thru Starbucks

Each day I strive to make our home a better place to wake up in, play in, and come home to
(I do not always succeed...but I try)

As I tell my kids 
being smart is good
being right is nice
being kind is more important

God has gifted me with more in love, kindness and beauty than I deserve
and I am very glad for it

And I love having you here with me on this creative journey of mine
to make things of value and heart from our everyday
Thank you for hanging out with me on the little blog
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