Friday, March 30, 2012

The Not-A-Diaper-Bag Purse & Giveaway

I definitely need a better name for this little bag...
my goal was to have a kid-friendly purse that was not a diaper bag
Hence, the name.

Needing a little bag to take to my kids' practices and for the quick trips to the store 
(or as quick as one can be with 3 busy little boys...), I came up with this little darling. 

The details...
One large exterior pocket for the keys and phone since I'm always digging for those.


A small interior pocket made with some of my favorite scraps. 

 A wide single strap because with 2 thinner straps I always seem to be scooting a stray strap back up onto my shoulder during the day. 


And a snap closure because little hands are always digging in my bag to see what treats I might be toting.

The best part is that I made it with a couple remnants I had laying around!
Some grey duck cloth and a floral quilting print (sort of reminds me of a Liberty knock-off).

If you're still reading, I really do need a better name for my new bag! 
If you all could help me out, I'll make a one-of-a-kind bag for the reader who comes up with the name I like best. 
Just leave me your ideas in the comments section and I'll pick my favorite next week.
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  1. i got that same floral fabric just the other day. it is so so pretty!

  2. The Mama Sack

    ? :)

    thecountryblossom at hotmail dot com

  3. Love It! I call this the "kari-all" - named after her beautiful creator :) -Van

  4. Wow-! Its so Lovely-!
    Beauty and the Bag-!

  5. How about pink carry all, or the daisy purse

  6. I think you should call it the "busy bag" I know all about needing all hands available. I have two sweet boys of my own. I love the bag!

  7. How about the "grab and go-go bag" for busy moms, the tot tote, or the bye-bye bag?

  8. I thought of another one- The Ready-set-go tote (or bag)

  9. Imagine my surprise, I've been randomly checking in on your blog and poof you are back and doing a giveaway! Yay! I'm glad you're back, I love your projects. Okay, for the name, I can't come up with anything sweeter than Van's kari-all. ~Rachel

  10. The cute Pocket on the outside reminds me of a momma kangaroo pouch. So my name is the "momma kangaroo purse"


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