Friday, July 12, 2013

Deconstructed Dresden


Remember that Dresden Plate quilt block tutorial a few days back? 
Well, here is one of the things I did with the Dresdens that I made.

Technically, I didn't make a complete Dresden Plate for this. But it's my own take on the block and I'm pretty thrilled with it. It looks like an anthropolgie style pillow to me (if they wanted to pay me to design pillows, I'd take that job in half a second).

We're going to stay with friends for a week this summer and I hate to show up empty-handed.
This is my thank you offering for letting our party of five fill up their house.

It's an envelope style pillow cover (made using Delia's method) and the cover itself came together super quick.
Then I just appliqued the different pieces where I wanted them.

Want to know a little secret? I used a glue stick to keep the petals where I wanted them. Is that allowed? I don't know, but it can't be any worse than the fusible adhesive in the applique stuff and it's way less stiff which makes for a soft, cuddly pillow.


Here's hoping they love it and it's not too crazy to match their couch.

How cute is that lone little shoe over there?? 
I didn't notice it when I was taking the picture but I couldn't crop it out because it was just too sweet.
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  1. What a great pillow! And the perfect hostess gift. The shoe is too cute too! ;)


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