Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh Baby {free baby nursery printable}

Recently, I needed a baby gift for friends and didn't want to give the same things I always do (you know, baby blankets, onesies, etc.). So I thought and thought and thought some more...and decided to make a printable instead of my usual sewing projects. I printed it off at home and put it in a nicely matted 8x10 frame. It makes a quick, easy (and gender neutral) baby gift!


Figuring I wasn't the only one with a baby gift dilemma, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

The text says...

You are a dream come true.
You are an answered prayer.
You are everything we hoped for.
You are the unexpected.
You are your own person, but you are our pride & joy.

You can get the pdf to print at home by clicking the image below.

*For personal use only!*
*I will not be happy if I see these for sale on etsy or something, so please don't.*
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