Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No thread. No sewing machine.

It doesn't happen very often, but every once in a long while I create something that involves no sewing whatsoever. (it's hard to believe, I know) 
And if there's no sewing, there's a really good chance there's painting. I >heart< painting.

When I paint, I really, really love taking something ugly and making it cool. Like this classic 1960's dresser that I picked up on craigslist for $35. 
6 feet long, 9 drawers. Big cheer for storage space!
I can't even count the ways I love craigslist. 
There are just too many.

 I told you it was ugly.

I spent more on paint & supplies than the dresser itself. 
(Krylon ivory spray paint, in case you were wondering. I love spray paint only a little less than craigslist.)
But, total cost for this beauty was under $100!

 And I avoid taping off as often as possible. 
I make no excuses for cutting corners when there are three little people running around.

After a week long occupation of my husband's garage...
I present our new dresser in the master bedroom!!!

Let's give it up for spray paint.

Confession Time. It was supposed to be for my kids, but once it was done I couldn't let it go,
And it works so well with our stuff!

The view when I'm lounging on the bed...
oh wait, I don't ever lounge on the bed.

And, original hardware! What's not to love??

I keep a few of my favorite things on top. They make me happy every day just to see them.
Little doggie ring dish from Anthropologie. (my only Anthro purchase ever, in fact)
A hand-me-down doily that one of my grandmas gave me.
Real, grown-up perfume.

And a couple of my favorite vintage books...of which I can never have enough.

The big thought for this Wednesday morning is go get yourself something really, really ugly on craigslist and paint it up!

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