Friday, March 27, 2009

stretch the waistband and the dollar

Having little kids meaning always growing out of clothes. My oldest is going through a growth spurt and suddenly has no warm weather clothes to wear. Fortunately, I found shorts for $4 each. Their elastic waist and sizing, though, means that my little man is in between sizes. I bought the size that's a little too big and figured he could grow into them. Well, after getting home and test-driving them, it was clear that his shorts were falling off of him. What to do?

My solution was to sew a short length of elastic at either hip, bringing in the waist a little on both sides. Voila! The shorts stay up, and when he really grows into them, I can just snip the elastic (perhaps use the seam ripper to remove it...but let's be realistic).

Our camera is MIA so I sketched a really quick (really questionable) diagram of the inside of the waistband to show what I mean. I'm sending us back to the stone age in internet terms...

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  1. I'm so doing this- Anna has a cute pair of pink capris calling her name and safety pins freak me out. :-)

  2. Yah, I actually started with safety pins on another pair. One day, he was playing and it came undone and poked him. It broke my heart so I had to figure out something else.


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