Saturday, April 11, 2009


My sweet husband bought us a new camera (YEAH!) after the old one got lost and now I can take lots of satisfying pictures of what I've been creating in the last few weeks. If I have too much free time, I may fix up the pics at some point, but you're getting the "raw" version for now. So, here goes...hope you're prepared for an onslaught.

The jewelry wall I made in our bedroom. I don't have a jewelry box and if my necklaces and such are put away then I never actually wear them. My solution: masking tape, $.50 bottle of craft paint, and removable hooks. (I can even hang earrings)

Here are the finishing touches for my little man's cowboy room, to go with the quilt I made: a valance and wall hangings. I love these 12x12 square frames that are made for record albums and scrapbook pages. This is their second life - they used to be in our guest room (now baby's room) with a green paisley fabric in them. Very cheap, quick, easily updated decorating idea for anyone in the market. Buy 1/2 a yard of fabric and cut it to fit, no need to prep or sew. On these, I did fuse the stars to the cowboy fabric and zig-zag stitch around them.

And, I finally made my first honest to goodness garment, albeit a very tiny one. Using this tutorial from an incredibly generous mama (, I made a little top for a friend's daughter's first birthday. This was my first time using the buttonhole foot on my machine and it is awesome. Man, girls are fun to sew for...

Oh, and I can't forget the purses. I made my my first purse using this tutorial from another very generous crafter online ( It's just adorable and the pattern is easy to follow. It's going to my sister because all my mommy gear won't sad.

Here is the more mommy-appropriate purse. I'm calling it the Santa Barbara bag because I made it just in time for a weekend away in Santa Barbara with my husband. No pattern, just lots of room. 3 pockets, magnetic closure, fits everything for me and 2 little ones on an outing. I am pretty happy with it overall...there may even be some in my etsy shop some day.
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  1. I want this purse at the bottom! Make me one- I'll buy it! :-) Beautiful!

  2. Kari,
    So glad you enjoyed making the bag -- I have the same problem with it though; it's too small for all the sippy cups and wipes. (: That's actually why I posted it on the blog; I didn't have much use for it myself and thought other people might...who knew it would be so popular?? (:

  3. I love the purses and that sweet little baby girl shirt is just way too cute!!

  4. Wow - I feel like a celebrity has visited my blog since you posted, Rae. :)

    And, thanks for the compliments, Bree. You're such a wonderful cheerleader! If I need a little tester for something else, I'll enlist your sweet girl.


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