Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Little Etsy Shop That Could

I've been putting off my etsy shop for one basic reason: what if no one likes what I make?

I know, I know, those worries don't get us anywhere, do they? So, I've decided that next Tuesday, June 23rd, is the big day. I'll list some little things I've made. Please look at them to make me feel better, and at least I'll never wonder "What If?"

I hope you take a little risk for yourself soon. :) Pin It


  1. Me too- if that little dress is any indication then your ETSY store will be a dangerous place, my dear. :-)

  2. Thanks, guys! Let's hope it's up to all your expectations. :) I've been plugging away on a few things, and am getting really excited to list them.


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