Friday, June 26, 2009

no more teeth marks...

So, I'm still feeling great since opening my little etsy shop and just so happy I put it out there. Taking that little risk was my small thrill for the month. :) I could not have done it without the overwhelming support and encouragement of my family and friends - thank you!

And, I told my husband as I was working on the pieces to list that after Tuesday's "grand opening" I wouldn't sew for the rest of the week....sometimes I say the silliest things. As if I could stop sewing.

To that end, here is my latest project: a crib rail teether/guard/bumper thing. I'm sure there's a technical name for it, but it eludes me. I had one of those stick-um rail protectors for my serious chewer and he quickly figured out how to peel back the industrial strength adhesive. So not only was my baby chewing plastic (let's not think about that too much), but now he could get to the wood and paint I was trying to keep out of his mouth in the first place, and it looked really ugly on top of it all. I did a google search for other options and stumbled upon this tutorial. I made my own version with pre-quilted fabric (I backed it with broadcloth) and just happened to have organic cotton in just the right shade of green to match (love when that happens!). Since he has no interest in the side rails (only the front rail for some reason), I only made a single front one. Now he can't chew the wood and he really likes touching the soft fabric wen he wakes up from a nap. So sweet. Here is a gratuitous close up of said squishy quilted fabric.

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  1. I really, really like this crib rail cover - it's so much better than other ones I've seen online that basically look like a thick sheet. You should definitely make it as a special order piece at your Etsy store so people can order the color that matches their nursery. Your creativity inspires me. -Van

  2. I agree- I will buy one when Jack gets a little bigger! Really, I will!

  3. Ah, thanks Van & Nat!! I really do hope that all my compulsive sewing inspires at least a couple people to be just a tad bit more creative in their every day. :)

    I'll let you know when I list a custom order, Nat, and then we can work out the exact measurements for a perfect fit!

  4. How did you construct this?? Just two rectangles, sewed wrong sides together, turned and top stitched (w/ribbons sandwiched inside)?



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