Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craft Therapy

I truly believe that crafting can be incredibly therapeutic and have often told people that sewing is my therapy. Well, it turns out I have a new (unbelievable!) favorite: hand-stitching quilt binding.

I will be the first to admit that I have long thought that people who chose to hand-stitch the binding around the edge of their quilt are 100% certifiably, what can they possibly be thinking, ship 'em off now, crazy. Seriously, why would you do something that tedious by hand when we've got perfectly good sewing machines that can do the job in, oh, about half an hour?

Now I know why.

First, the look of it is amazing - like some little elfin creature magically applied it and you can't see a stitch anywhere. Second, it is wonderfully comforting in a very odd way to plop down on the couch with a pile of quilt on your lap and create these little invisible stitches that hold together this work of love that you've poured so much time and energy into.

The only kink in my nirvana is the tendinitis in my it may take me several months to hand stitch the binding, but it will gain me lots and lots of relaxation from my slow labor.

You most likely think I'm nuts, but you have been warned. Don't try it because you might get hooked. Pin It

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  1. You both amaze me and crack me up at the same time. I wish I had such a productive compulsion. But I most definitely will not be trying hand-stitching anytime soon, and it's not because I'll get hooked!


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