Sunday, November 8, 2009

Paying Gig

I may have just embarked on a totally crazy mission or the beginning of a really great thing. I can't quite decide...

A dear girlfriend of mine referred me to her mother-in-law for some machine quilting and I took her up on the offer. Today in the mail I got a box full of what you see above. Now I have all the makings of a queen size quilt and am suddenly very worried that I won't complete it to her liking. It's wonderful to get paid for what you already love doing (I really like that part), and this quilt really will be fun to do. But it's a little intimidating when someone hands over their priceless handcrafted project and says "I trust you. Do what you think is best."

I hope she'll love it. The quilt top itself is beautiful and the colors are super fun but I really don't want to disappoint. Wish me luck... Pin It


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