Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa's Little Red Bag

I branched out and made some jewelry for Christmas gifts. And, let me be very clear, it's the most remedial jewelry since I have basically no experience. But I was wandering through Michael's the other day and was inspired to give it a try. So fun!

All that said, this post is not about the jewelry. It's about the little bags they're being delivered in...as if I could give a gift without a little sewing involved. I was digging through my overflowing scrap bag the other day and came across the sleeve of a red cashmere sweater...that sounds so bizarre. But I had used a thrifted cashmere sweater to make a snuggly hat for my mother-in-law last year when she started chemo and had the good sense to hang onto the remaining sleeve from the sweater. You just never know what you'll need when, I guess.

So, the moral of the post is: if you have a tiny gift to give, it's quick and easy to whip up a recycled sweater bag for it. :)

Enjoy your festivities as we count down! Pin It

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