Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh. My. Gosh.

I have been featured on Mod Podge Rocks!

There. I said it. This is so exciting for me...oh, I feel so geeky. Just so I'm not alone in my excitement, head on over to see my beer coasters on the "famous" blog by the very sweet Amy:

Well, when my coasters make me famous and I'm chatting with Martha on TV you can say you knew me back when. Kidding. Totally kidding. You can say you knew me, but it won't get you anything (sorry about that) and I won't be on Martha (too bad).

Thanks for hanging out with me in the blogosphere. I sure do like having you all around. Happy Thursday! Pin It


  1. that is so awesome! Way to go!

  2. Hi:
    Where did you find the pictures you used on teh coasters? They are very cool!

  3. I've had a few questions about the images I used on the coasters. I did a google image search for "vintage beer ads." I don't have any copyrights for them but since they were gifts and not sold I think I'm fine. Flick is also a great resource for finding images.


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