Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guilty as charged

I feel guilty even posting this while the rest of the country is dealing with record breaking snow. But maybe it can make the rest of you feel a little warmer for a few minutes, even if it is vicariously fleeting.

We live in San Diego and it is an amazing climate. I know I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but sometimes I have to remind myself why we pay more for housing, taxes, groceries, get the picture. And when we have days like today, specifically evenings like this, I am reminded of what an extraordinary place we live in.

I have lived in Southern California almost my entire life, with brief interludes in Texas and England (of all places). As a child I spent more evenings than I can count playing outside no matter what the calendar said. I remember the long shadows and the slight breeze. The sunset against telephone lines. The smell of a charcoal grill. Riding my bike around the block and feeling there were no limits on speed or possibilities.

And tonight my boys brought these flooding back for me. I sat on the driveway while they played up and down the sidewalk. The sun was sinking lower and lower behind our telephone lines and the breeze was just the slightest of movements in the air.

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  1. oh that looks like so much fun! thinking warm thoughts here, I can't wait for spring!!!

  2. Your writing makes me cry ...I miss those days with you off on your bike before dinner, knowing that I was letting you go a little bit more with every lap you made around our block. Love you, Brite Eyes!


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