Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Handmade Gifting Lesson #2

Over the weekend (while I was making a birthday gift for my girlfriend's son), I thought of another little tip for those of you creating handmade gifts. I used to feel that I had to create a completely unique gift for each and every loved one who was celebrating something. If I repeated a gift idea, didn't it lose something? Nah. It still got all my attention and love, along with just the right fabric and touches for that special someone. Eventually, I figured out that I really liked (and was better at) making certain things and could customize them depending on the recipient.

This brings me to Lesson #2, which is: Do not be afraid to use the same gift idea twice (or a dozen times even...). Say you're really good at making makeup pouches. No matter how many friends you make it for, each and every one of them will be thrilled. In fact, you might earn a reputation and then your girlfriends will secretly be hoping that you'll make a special pouch for them. See how that works out? :)

The best example I have is Amy Karol's Swing Swing Smock in her Bend the Rules Sewing book.
My first one was for my son...

and I have made it over and over again since then. 

It's a great birthday and Christmas gift.
Practical, useful, and super cute with lots of options for personalizing. 

And nobody is ever offended that they're not the first person on the planet to receive an art smock for their little one.
I promise.
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  1. I agree-great advice! And I think the smocks are oh so cute!!

  2. Cute, cute! Love the new photo on your header also.

  3. Thanks for tip, keep them coming. I love the smocks they are on my to-do list!

  4. Kari, the new header photo is just great! Love it...

  5. Love the new pic and we of course love our smocks and love that others you care about have them too because they are a wonderful gift!!


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