Friday, April 2, 2010

Pattern Challenge: Simplicity 2653

Oh, giraffes...

I must confess that I have an odd new fascination: giraffes. Not the real thing, mind you. Just the printed on fabric variety. Notice the completely gratuitous shot of giraffes on fabric there?

And while part of me (a big part of me) thinks that only very small children should actually wear clothes with giraffes printed on them, I had to have this jersey and I had to make a top out of it.

This strange combination of compulsions coincided nicely with Made by Rae's Spring Top Week and I'm submitting it to the Flickr Pool. Just submitting it is a little nerve wracking and I have no aspirations of winning anything. But if I make the goal, then I make the tops. And I need some fun Spring tops!

 the front

the back

Of course, this is a dual purpose top and I have a review for you to go along with Sarah's Pattern Challenge. Let the reviewing begin...I used Simplicity 2653, which I think has been discontinued now...sorry. Overall, I would recommend this pattern. Just make sure you use the right needle for jersey knit and get out that walking foot.

The Basics: Simple top with fun construction using an inside lining to create the "bubble" hem. Don't be afraid of lining, it's not as bad as you might think. FYI: The straps sit on the far edges of your shoulders at an angle and you might think they're going to slip, but they stay put. I promise.

The Good: It is more fun to make than some patterns I've completed. And the end product could pass for professionally made. All the jersey used for the top band and straps is reinforced with interfacing so it's super easy to work with and has a nice look when finished.

The Bad: This pattern calls for jersey knit and some people don't like sewing with it. And I would recommend using a heavy jersey so you don't get too much "poofing" out...a lighter weight knit will make you look kind of like a really delicious puff pastry.

Modifications: I brought up the shoulder straps by a whopping 4" since I am 5'2". How many times will you have to hear about my height during my pattern reviews? I also added 1/4" lastin (clear elastic) to the inside seam where the lining joins the jersey to keep it snug on my hips. I could just imagine frolicking at the park and having this top float up a little more than I wanted... Pin It


  1. cute Kari! love those giraffes. pretty top too!

  2. Super cute top. I think the giraffes are one of the best parts :)

  3. Kari, the shirt and the print are super cute! Thanks for sharing, your blog is giving me inspiration to dust off my sewing machine :)

  4. ooh, that is really cute and you can totally pull off giraffe print ;)

  5. Kari, I didn't know we share a love of giraffe's?! I LOVE the print, design of the top, and how great you look in it.

  6. You guys are so sweet!! It's very encouraging to hear from everyone. Thanks!


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