Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Budding Seamstress

I am really getting the hang of kids' handmade gifts with all the little ones' birthdays we go to. But I have a very specific threshold: anything past about 4 years old is completely foreign to me. My kids are still little so I have no idea what older children like to get. But I got lucky this weekend when a friend's daughter (having a 9th birthday party) specifically asked for fabric and velcro so she could do more fashion design with her Project Runway set (I think this one). 

Time Out! How cool is it that a 9 year old is sketching out designs and learning all about sewing and asked for "fabric and velcro" for her birthday??

Could there be a better gift for me to put together for a 9 year old girl? No! I had so much fun going through my stash and picking all different kinds of fabrics and notions for her little starter kit. In the end, I gathered the following fabrics: swimsuit knit, lightweight cottons, jersey knits, embroidered cotton, and some swiss dot.

Each cut is about a fat quarter and I thought she might have fun getting to know some different textures and weights. I did leave out anything satiny since it might frustrate her at this stage.

  Then I filled a little tin with notions: velcro (as requested), cotton twill tape, elastic, rick-rack, ribbon, and safety pins (in lieu of needle & thread since she has a curious younger sister and I didn't ask for her mom's approval).

I also bought a fabric glue stick, a water soluble fabric marker, and an extra measuring tape to include. 
I'm thinking she would also really enjoy this kit by Harumika; I love how you can wedge the fabric in the back of the dress form.
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  1. What a sweet idea for a gift! A little travel kit with threaded needles would be a great addition too...the ones that they give out at hotels :) My husband always brings them home for me.

  2. That is a very cool gift!

    I gave my nieces 4" charms once for their birthdays. With their mom's help (she is a quilter) they made a little doll quilt with them. So fun.


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