Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Mailman, I love you.

I have a crush on my mailman.
Admittedly, he's not really my type but he sure has a way with a mailbox.
Over the last couple weeks, he has brought me three super fun packages from some super sweet ladies.

First, I got the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts from my sweet friend Mya (mother and wife extraordinaire in Texas). It was even wrapped up beautifully with a handmade bookmark to hold my place. She wrote "May you continue to make beauty in the midst of chaos." How true that is for all of us trying to carve out a little time to create in our busy days. This was a wonderful reminder for me of how much little touches can mean and how much presentation can add to a gift.

Then, I got a hand-traced pattern for a little girl's jumper from Lone over at Lone's World. Awhile back, I had commented on this post about how much I loved her jumpers, and wondered if she used a pattern. Well, sweet lady that she is, she wrote me back saying that she does indeed use a pattern book, and it's vintage 1970's...written in Danish. But she very generously offered to trace the pattern out for me and ship it across the ocean. What a thoughtful thing to do for someone you've never even met!

 You can bet I'll be making some of these for gifts this summer.

And, finally, I got this absolutely precious clutch from Anna over at Noodlehead. After telling her how adorable her gathered clutches were, she mentioned offhand that she could send me one. Really?? OK! And I got to use it last night for a fun girls night! It held all my little essentials just right. (and she even sent along a sweet handmade pin that will be perfect for the many many cardigans I wear...which my kids promptly snatched as soon as the package was ripped open...it's somewhere in this house)

So, thank you Mailman and thank you crafty ladies!
You have all made my days a little brighter.

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  1. Just little reminders from all those who have been blessed by your creativity and friendship!

  2. i also love my mailman. too bad my oldest thinks that things just magically appear at our house, not that you might actually have to buy them with real money!

  3. I second what Bree said...you are such a blessing in so many people's lives! I WANT that encyclopedia-may have to buy that for myself for mother's day:) LOVE the clutch too!

  4. I can't believe *I* made your blog! I'm honored! I would love to come up with something more clever than what has been already said but will just second the opinions. <3


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