Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Birthdays

 As you already know, I love making the gifts we give. 
I made up some little gifts for little friends and actually had time to take pictures before they went in the mail!

Here are hair clips for my girlfriend's daughter
(I told you I was in love with making clips...)

And my favorite of the bunch

And a couple crayon rolls
made using this tutorial by Lindsey on V and Co.
If you need a little gift idea, this is an easy tutorial to follow.

This was the "girl" version complete with love label.

And a boy version with rockets.
What boy doesn't love rockets?

I love the text on this fabric...

polka dots from a random fat quarter bundle...clueless
Rocket Scientist by Keri Beyer for In The Beginning
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  1. i love that text fabric too! it is very charming. super cute crayon rolls. question that i have always wondered... when they take the crayons in and out do they leave marks on the fabric?

  2. Crayon rolls are my go-to gift! Quick, easy, and the fabrics you chose!

  3. These are adorable! Totally pinned and sharing in a blog post. THANK YOU!!


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