Thursday, June 10, 2010

What to do with all this fabric?

A girlfriend of mine asked me to post about my fabric organization and I was all too happy to oblige. It's a really geeky thing to want to show off your fabric organization (even typing it irreversibly cements my geekiness) but maybe others will find this helpful. So, Nat, here's your quick rundown of my fabric storage. And a peek into my sewing area tucked in the corner of our living room.

{Lighting was not on my side today...but you get the idea.}

I used to have drawers, but shelving works soooo much better for me. I don't have to empty drawers to get to the bottom of the pile and everything is completely accessible. 
This is the top half of a china hutch/buffet combo. Maybe someday I'll put feet on the bottom...for now, it works great as is.

I have my fabrics organized by type: 
minky/baby gift fabrics, jersey, printed cottons, utilitarian (terry, duck cloth, broadcloth), home dec, and the bottom right shelf is a little pile of unfinished quilts...someday.

For my fat quarters and smaller cuts of quilting fabric, I use one of the shelves in this cabinet. 
(Crate & Barrel RTA furniture, if you were wondering, very durable and won't break the budget)

For my fabric scraps, I use a clear bin with a lid so I can see everything and easily dig through it. 

And even with this great storage, a lot of my fabric ends up scattered all over my sewing table. 
It's not just you. 
How can we simultaneously be creative and organized 100% of the time? 
Creativity comes at a price.
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  1. I'm staring at a veritable mountain of untamed fabric right now, and I think nothing short of a match will take care of it. (Heaven forbid!)

  2. So pretty...can I come visit? I'd love to "borrow" some fabric :)

  3. Thanks, Kari! So cool to see! I think I'll be like you and need shelves once I start my collection. I'd like to think I will only buy fabric as I need it, but that's totally unrealistic. So it's nice to see this to start the ideas flowing.

  4. I love to see how everyone stores their fabric. I have mine on shelves too, but not as cute as your shelves!

  5. Great idea! My fabric is stashed in a closet in my kids playroom, but I want to move it out into my craft room. I have a perfect shelf I think I'll try this with. My family teases me because I have more fun organizing my craft room that working in it sometimes. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

    kerstin @


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