Wednesday, July 14, 2010

petit bon appetit

This post is less check-out-my-project and more you-should-put-this-tutorial-on-your-list...geez, that's wordy. Oh well, you know what I mean.
The pictures were taken in a blur before running out the door to the birthday bash, but I had to share the project so you can make it yourself!

My son's friend just turned 4 and I made him a little chef dress-up set. I used two tutorials from ikat bag
For the chef's hat, I used this one (it's adjustable with velcro!).

I was just winging it for the apron, which wraps all the way around to tie in the front.
And I used this tutorial for the oven mitt (but I cheated by using pre-quilted fabric...).

I added an initial applique, of course (using Michael Miller Dick and Jane fabric).

The best part? His mom told me that he wore the apron & hat ALL day until bedtime. The oven mitt was a hot commodity as well, resulting in fights between him and his younger brother over who got to wear it. Usually, I'm a big fan of harmony in the house but when the discord stems from my handmade creation...I admit it made my day.
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  1. Great gift idea. Ah, sibling rivalry at its best.

  2. sweet sweet story. i've been meaning to make an apron for my lil girl.

  3. After seeing my zigzags on my duvet-nightmare-project you will understand why I am drooling over your zigzags on that L. Nicely done!

  4. Thanks for posting this, I loved this idea so much I just made that set for a friend of ours but my gathering and zig zags are not as good as yours. -Van

  5. I think a lot of little boys at the party were coveting that glove - including mine.


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