Monday, August 9, 2010

Never enough...

Sometimes, there is never enough time to spend with dear friends. Like the friends who came visiting from Portland (oh, beautiful Portland, you are always so far away...). We got almost a week with them and their 3 kids packed into our little house, filling it with chaos, fun, and an extra helping of love. We've been friends since college, my girlfriend and I were roommates and in each others' weddings, we've celebrated the births of babies, the joy and sorrow of moves, the mystery of getting older and feeling younger.

We made and ate a lot of food, and drank a lot of wine...
lots and lots of bbq, hand cranked ice cream, homemade snow cones, and bruschetta (our bastardized version of it anyway) using homegrown basil and cherry tomatoes picked from the yard...mmmm...

We went to the beach on a perfect day.

Took on some massive waves.

Created the Mommy Blanket (read: almost sand-free zone that we kept deflecting kids off of)
to chat and drink Diet Cokes on.

(yah, I'm the very pale one who's all covered up...
always avoiding the sun here in sunny Southern California)

And even celebrated my son's fourth birthday Pirate Style.

I knew they'd have to leave, but it's always so darn sad.
Me standing on the driveway watching them drive away, tears in my eyes, leaning into my husband, just wishing I could have a little more.
Already counting down to next time and so very grateful to have good friends.
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  1. That's always what I feel like when my sister (best friend) leaves. We want them to come, of course, but leave again? Nah, it would be easier if they would just stay. Life can be hard sometimes.... :-)


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