Monday, August 2, 2010

Swing Swing

Inevitably, I have our camera swinging from my wrist when we're out and about. Then I don't have to dig in the bag past the wipes, diapers, sippies, and snack wrappers when the-most-adorable-moment-my-kids-have-ever-had happens (come to think of it, those happen a lot around here...). While I love my little camera, the strap it hangs from is nothing to write home about. 

But yesterday I stumbled upon this wonderful camera wrist strap tutorial from a pretty cool life (a blog written by a pretty cool girl, by the way, but you probably knew that forever ago, unlike me). Talk about nearly instant gratification! Of course, I had to whip one up right away and I am in love.

And then you reach the to photograph a camera strap on the only camera in the house? It hits you: a mirror. Of course!
But then you realize that the messy bed in the background isn't quite what you were going for...

Ah, this is better, in the entryway, opposite the kids' artwork wall.

The tutorial is great; easy & well written. The only thing I changed was doing 2 rows of stitching across the end instead of one. I'm just paranoid that my shoddy sewing will result in a camera falling because I didn't catch all the cording.

And if one is good, a bushel is better. 

I'm seeing stocking stuffers here. What do you think?

At least now my little point-and-shoot looks just a little cooler when it's swinging from my wrist. 
And someday (in the far far off future) when I get the DSLR of my dreams, I'm sure I'll make a strap for that, too.
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  1. I remember seeing this on Cheryl's site...on my to do someday list. Yours turned out darling.

  2. I love them! The colors in the plaid are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  3. beautiful! I should probably make one for our camera. :)

  4. love 'em. I made a wrist strap for my DSLR. I cut up and old neck strap and sewed it back onto itself. Not quite as flash as yours but it does the job :) Maybe I could cover mine.

  5. I want one!! I am hoping that is enough to get one out of you since you know how afraid of sewing machines I am!

  6. If you want to make a practice strap in anticipation for your dream camera, I think I know someone who would happily be your guinea pig. :)


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