Friday, December 17, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Christmas Goodies!

We have a winner for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway
Carol, who was comment #57 (picked by, and will be getting these in the mail.

I was inspired to try out a bokeh shot by Cheryl

We've been having a lot of edible Christmas goodies around here, too...
I do love Christmas baking. There's even an ornament from last year attesting to the fact.

The boys and I have been busy in the kitchen making all sorts of cookies.
Chocolate Crinkles, just like my mom always made (and still does).

Our tried and true Spritz Cookies.
What boys wouldn't love shaking colored sugar all over these?

My little man wanted to take come cookie pictures, too.
Not bad at all, my sweet boy.

Another one by my little helper.
It's just a shame these break so easily...
I can't be giving away or setting out broken cookies so I have to nibble them up.
Someone has to make the sacrifice.

 Snowballs. My favorite to make and eat.

Lots of snowballs...

Peppermint Bark, just like I made with with my dear friend in Portland.
Did you know how easy this is??
2 bags of white chocolate chips melted and mixed with 5 or 6 broken candy canes. Done.

Study in Peppermint Bark, taken by my 4 year old.
He might be better with the camera than I am...

A package full of cookie love for the neighbors.
As much as I would love to eat them all, I'm pretty sure that's not a good idea.

As a reward for making all the way through my cookie baking odyssey, 
you get a heads-up on another giveaway next week...involving a sizable gift card...
Stay tuned - info will be posted Monday!
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  1. Oooooh yummy! I start my baking quest on Monday. :) I have 8 recipes I'm planning on making, spread out over the week. And your Spritz inspired me to go out and get a press today! This will be my first time making them ^_^


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