Wednesday, April 11, 2012

my favorite superheroes

Let's say you have a house full of boys. Who happen to love superheroes (almost as much as their Mommy).

And let's say these boys need new summer jammies because they grow like weeds and the weather is warming up in San Diego.

What a wonderful problem to have! 
The perfect excuse to dust off the 15 minute jammy pants tutorial and freezer paper stencil some shirts!

I still follow my own tutorial to make that good or bad?

My boys have good taste, too.
Batman pajamas? Green Lantern pajamas? Classics.

And how could you not love freezer paper stencils 
when you can go from this

to this

to this in no time?!

And what good are new jammies if you can't jump on Mommy & Daddy's bed?

And tumble on Mommy & Daddy's bed?

 And giggle on Mommy & Daddy's bed?

shhhh....don't tell Daddy!
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  1. OOooo- I like the new layout! I may have to bust this tutorial out and make some jammies for Anna and Jack. But I don't think I'll let them jump on the bed for fear of them hitting the ceiling fan, because that's how things go in our house. :-)

  2. Way fun! My boys need some summer pajamas soon. :)


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