Friday, February 8, 2013

Party All Night Long!

My neighbor's son is turning 9 and is having a blowout slumber party to celebrate. 
A Lego Avengers slumber party, to be precise.

And what party favor did this sweet 9 year old come up with?
Why, handmade Avengers pillowcases, personalized with each friend's name!
Oh, and he thought I would be just the right person to make them.
How could I say no?
{I used this magic pillowcase tutorial - very easy to follow!}


And if you're going to make one, you might as well make nine. Doesn't everyone think that way?

All the guests' names sewn on with a free motion foot (feed dogs down) just like Mickey ears at Disneyland!

We didn't want to leave out his younger sister so she gets her very own Hello Kitty pillowcase.
Seriously, how cute is that??

Here's hoping the boys all have a great time! 
And that his sweet mom gets a few minutes rest in between pizza, games, giggles, and an appropriately inappropriate amount of junk food.

Happy Birthday, little man!
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