Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Book Quilt

I finished this quilt awhile back but just didn't get around to taking pictures until now. Maybe it's something about the slower pace of summer that makes it seem like there is time for the less-than-essential activities...

This is a random patchwork quilt. Rather than using a repeating pattern, I just wanted it to have a fun feel in layout and colors. The print on the squares is a Victoria & Albert Museum print that I am madly in love with since it has stacked books on it and I have a longstanding love affair with words.

I might just love the back of the quilt more than the front. After randomly slicing up the solid fabrics, I sat down at the machine and pieced them together as I went. The fact that they remind me of leaning books ties it all together for me. Yah, maybe I over think my quilts...hmmm....

I just took the book fabric to Joanns and walked around with it until I found solids that matched...

For the binding, it kind of reminds me of skittles...
which I'm not in love with but the colors were right and it's a fun print.

The quilting is done in the same color thread as the solids, orange, pink, aqua and celadon. 
The stitching is in a repeating pattern and was just what I wanted on the back.

Summer is not the ideal time to use a quilt, but for some reason I have a ton of ideas for new quilts right now...
I hope you're having a WONDERFUL summer so far!
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  1. Gorgeous, Kari! The colors are great and I love the different colored stitching. I'm working on my second quilt...something about the warm weather and the smell of clean, pressed cotton--I'm hooked. :)

  2. Beautiful quilt! The back is wonderful. It reminds me of leaning books too!

  3. Lovely! The colored quilting is my favorite part.


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