Monday, January 26, 2009

my cozy sewing machine

My latest sewing project was a cover (or as my Grandma would call it, a "cozy") for my sewing machine. I already had a perfectly good hard plastic cover and a decent clear vinyl cover. But why would I use those when I could make something pretty instead??

The free pattern is here (, and very easy to use. You'll come to learn that I lovelovelove free patterns online. So many creative folks out there who are generous enough to share their expertise and ideas with the rest of us aspiring seamstresses. Maybe I'll have something to share some day, too. Pin It

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  1. You are amazing! You are always taking such good care of everyone. So happy to hear that you are taking care of you too!

    If I had anything crafty to share I would! Maybe I could offer good wine advice. I think it would be more like 'cheap wine advice!'



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