Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Gifts and a quick tutorial

I just went to a baby shower and took these with me. The coordinating fabric was from the scrap pack I got from the Fabric Shoppe, and I made the bibs using terry velour for the backing. My favorite part of this project is the variegated thread in different oranges that I used on all the pieces.

If you ever need to whip up some bibs, here are some instructions...
**warning: questionable drawings ahead**

1. Using a bib you like the shape of, trace the shape onto the wrong side of your decorative (front) fabric. Do not add a seam allowance. Make sure that the two tabs at the back of the neck form points. This will make applying your binding easier.
2. Cut out the fabric along the lines you just drew.
3. Pin this to your backing fabric (velour, flannel, waterproof PUL, chenille, even an old bath towel will do) with wrong sides together - meaning that both fabrics are facing the way they should for your finished bib.
4. Cut out your backing fabric in the same shape as your decorative fabric, and leave the pieces pinned together
5. Using a zig-zag stitch, apply double-fold bias binding (like this) to the outside edges of your bib. I've fallen in love with 1/4" binding tape since using it for a couple of Amy Karol's projects in Bend-the-Rules Sewing, and it costs less than $2 for a package at the sewing store.
6. Then apply binding to the neck of the bib, overlapping the first binding at the points of the tabs, and leaving extra on either side to tie it.
7. Run a straight stitch down the center of the bib ties (the extra length you left on either side) and tie the end of each in a knot.

You're done! Handmade goodness.

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  1. Sew cute:) Love that fabric too!

  2. Thanks Allison! I actually thought of you when I was working with the fabric. :)


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