Friday, April 24, 2009

How to impress dinner guests

I know I'm generally very sewing-centric, but this is actually about cooking. Tonight I tried a new little trick for dressing up dinner and just had to share. Super quick and easy with a very impressive result.

Instead of using plain marinara, I added heavy whipping cream to make it a creamy marinara yummy. I read about it on a couple recipe sites way back when but was in too much or a hurry to get the details tonight. So I poured a jar of Newman's Own marinara in a saucepan and added about 1/4 of a small carton of heavy whipping cream (whatever amount seemed to create the right color in my mind - highly technical process). Stirred it together and let it bubble away very slowly while the water boiled for the ravioli. This is really rich but is a perfect match for the right dishes. Tonight, we had it on portobello mushroom ravioli (don't get too excited - they were frozen store brand...a mommy can only accomplish so much handmade in one day).

Just a little tip to send you off into the weekend. Go convince someone you slaved away on dinner for hours, and impress the heck out of your friends. Pin It

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