Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Here's what I've been busy doing, instead of posting here...sorry for the absence.

A sweet little dress from Chic & Simple Sewing

The Summer Blouse (with some modifications) from Weekend Sewing.
This is version #2 of this blouse, in the right size this time.

A skirt that I improvised with jersey knit and shirring at the waist. It's not date-worthy but it's great around the house on hot days.

And another jersey knit skirt that I loosely based on this.
And my in-process projects: a bathing suit, a wrap top, a dress for a friend's 3-year-old, and some items for my etsy shop (maybe I'll be ready before Christmas...).

I've had people say, "I wish I was creative like you" or "I'd love to be crafty like that." I tell them it's not crafty or creative, as much as compulsive. Different c-word, same ridiculous pace... Pin It


  1. Love them all. The dress looks great on you. The skirts and shirt look so comfy! Good luck with your works in progress. Have fun and enjoy the process-even if it is compulsive.

    I just finished a key rack made with scrap lumber, craft paint, and cup hooks we had. I only had to buy a stencil for $2.

    Just bought some fabric at Joanne's to make some burp cloths for a friend having a baby soon. Found some cute fabric for our soon-to-be nursery. Guess I'll be crafting more too!

  2. Yeah for more crafting! I can't wait to see your key rack and baby goodies. Have fun!

  3. I don't think I'm allowed to say the "c-word" that I have often heard applied to me...

    I love all your projects!

  4. Thanks Janis! And, I can't even imagine someone saying anything but great things about you. Shame on anyone who thinks otherwise...


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