Sunday, July 12, 2009

Putting Away

We go on vacation starting Thursday and I can't wait! We're making the drive from Southern California to the Oregon Coast (we daydream of living in Oregon...) to meet another family and we'll get to have fun and just be a family for almost 2 weeks.

But, until then, I've made a couple little things and been reminded of how wonderful and satisfying little projects can be. Using up scraps is great, and there's much more immediate satisfaction in short-term projects. Who doesn't like instant gratification?

I made a coffee cup cozy based on the well-loved House on Hill Road tutorial...

And, I made a little pouch for my GPS. (yes, I'm a princess and I have absolutely no sense of direction...) Maybe if I have way too much free time, I'll list some on the little etsy shop that could. :)
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  1. Have an awesome trip! Can't wait to see the pictures. Missing you more than ever :(

  2. I love the pouch for your GPS. I need to make something similar for my ipod. Seems easy enough.

    Have a wonderful trip! Please come back. Don't buy a house while you're up there:) We'd miss you too much!

  3. I've had the same thought...just don't buy a house up there - don't do anything implusive. :) We'll have a great time, but we always come back home. I promise. (and you could totally make an ipod pouch - maybe I'll post a generic gadget pouch tutorial...)

    I'll take lots of pictures, too!

  4. hello..
    can u give the tutorial about this GPS pouch?


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