Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another quilt out on its own...

So it always feels like I'm sending one of my babies out on their own when I list something handmade to sell, but I just can't stop. Here's the newest fledgling...an original creation with Heather Ross' West Hill horse fabrics. I'm not a horse person but I do love these prints and they are crazy soft. If it doesn't sell, I've already decided I'm keeping it.

No, I'm not attached or anything.

The link to the listing is here. Pin It


  1. very cute, simple, and sweet. love those hands in the photo too:)

  2. Thanks! And I bribed him to pose for me. :) Shameless.

  3. SOOO cute, I am going to have to have you make Ruby's bed stuff when she grows out of her current bed!!

  4. I'll totally do it, Keadin! I can't promise I'll be fast, but I can promise cute. :)


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