Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Belated 4th...and a yummy, healthy kid treat for hot July days

So, you can file this under "cute things to do 12 months from now" because I didn't get my act together. Rather than making these ahead of time and posting so everyone else could enjoy them, I threw these together about 4 hours before the 4th of July barbecue we went to. Oops. Last minute, but very Mommy indeed.

There were lots of little ones at the bbq we went to and I volunteered to bring sweet treats. Not wanting to hop up our kids or our friends' anymore than they already were on the 4th, I made sugar-free yogurt pops. So easy, so yummy, so guilt-free.

I bought strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry yogurts. Then I amped up the blueberry with a little blue food coloring (patriotism has its price). I scooped a big dollop of strawberry in the bottom of each popsicle form, followed by vanilla, and then blueberry. The yogurt is thick enough that you don't need to set them up in the freezer between layers. Pop 'em in the freezer and voila! Kid-friendly, parent-approved treats.

You can do these for any holiday/occasion/special day - just mix up your colors and don't be afraid to use a little food coloring to customize. Enjoy! Pin It

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