Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Jammies

I've been really wanting a pretty little nightgown for these summer evenings, and really not wanting to buy one. Months and months ago, I found this great silky fabric which had a border print perfect for the hem. I cut out the main pattern pieces for the nightie in Chic & Simple Sewing...and then walked away. I just wasn't convinced it would be flattering so I shelved it.

Last week, I decided to make something of it so I ignored the original pattern instructions and sewed clear elastic (if you've never used it before, you must try it out - it's like this...learned about it from my cloth diaper making days and love it!) to the inside of the top hem as well as about 8" down from the top to create the gather at the bustline. Then I attached straps (made from the border print on the fabric). I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. And it fulfills my most important criteria for jammies: comfy.

I'm thinking something similar could be accomplished easily by using two squares of fabric about 25" x 25." I'll have to try that and report back... Pin It


  1. It looks too nice to wear as jammies! Very pretty. Hope it makes you feel pretty too:) We all need a little something by the end of a hard day of work.

  2. How beautiful! I would love a nightgown just like that. Comfy but not an oversized cotton mumu (although I like those too!) I think you should put one on your etsy shop :)


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