Thursday, September 10, 2009

If I were a Superhero, what would my name be?

I have a little confession to make: I have a teeny tiny little obsession with hair. You name the color I've had it. You think of a length I've done it. I even had a brief stint in beauty school - yes, you are reading the ramblings of a genuine beauty school dropout (long long ago in what seems like a different life now). All this is to say that I have long believed that a great stylist is really an artist.

I am not a great stylist. I am girl who decided she didn't want to pay to have her roots done and just knew that she could color her hair back to its natural dark brown all by herself, thank you very much.

As a result, I went from an almost hip Southern California Mama to a comic-bookish raven haired girl. (further proof that my mother and I are almost the same person: my first thought after drying it was "Wow. Very comic book." and my mom's first comment was "You could be a Superhero.") Don't get me wrong. I love having my hair super dark. I spent years coloring over my otherwise perfectly nice brown hair to make it almost black.

Who can explain the motives of a complicated artistic woman? Really.

So here is the before...

And here is the after.

My husband was being so cute taking the pictures..."OK, honey. Turn your head a little now. Yah, just like that!"

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  1. You look so cute, and as far as I am concerned all Moms are Superheros!!
    Miss you and will hopefully get to talk to you soon!

  2. Thanks, Keadin! Let's keep playing phone tag till we get each other. :)


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