Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mmmm...lemony goodness

A girlfriend of mine just had a birthday and, as usual, I am running behind schedule on getting the card and gift in the mail. However, I think she'll forgive me when she gets this yummy smelling sugar scrub. I used the lemon recipe from TipNut and added a little lemon juice to up the scent.

Now I'm thinking (I often doubt myself when giving handmade gifts...must try to overcome this) that lemon juice may not have been such a wise choice in case of paper cuts and the like...I'll have to see what she reports back.

Moral of the story: a lovingly handmade gift is better late than no gift at all. (timely gifts are, of course, always the best option... ) Pin It

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  1. I am so gonna make this. I will just remember to use gloves and not do it anytime I have just shaved my legs. (Do it before - not after!!) I love the smell of lemon and a scrub is always a good thing.


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