Saturday, September 19, 2009

So easily distracted...Focus. Focus.

My sister and I have discussed the fact that we have short attention spans for artsy/crafty stuff and get easily bored sometimes. To that end, I generally have about 4 or 5 projects going at once (one of these is above). Currently, it's 2 quilts to sell, 3 quilts for gifts, and about a half dozen ideas rolling around in my head just begging to be let out.

What's that you say? Don't you have 2 very wee children? Don't you have a husband? A dog? A house that needs cleaning?

Oh yes, I do indeed.

But without my crafting, sewing, creating, planning, daydreaming, so on and so on, I might just go nuts. So I think about quilt layouts as I drift off to sleep, find inspiration in my kids' funny little voices, watch my husband make homemade bread from scratch, and roll different phrases and paragraphs around in my head as I load the washing machine. Oh, and the occasional glass of wine with loved ones always makes me feel more at peace with my messy house and struggling artist side.

So go feed your soul and love up on your family. Happy Saturday! Pin It

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