Friday, September 18, 2009

Slow & Steady wins the race...

The big white quilt I'm working on for my dear friend Keadin is coming along. You'd never know it from my nonexistent updates, but I promise I'm working on it. Here's the background on this work in progress...#1 & #2.

In case you were just dying to know what inspired this quilt, here's the story. Keadin was visiting awhile back and mentioned that she and her husband had fallen in love with a Pottery Barn quilt but it was around $200 (like this and this). I asked what it looked like. She said it was all white with horizontal stitching.

New project - check.
For a dear friend - check.
Saving money - check.

Um...right up my alley! So I volunteered to make it if she just paid for the materials. It is my biggest quilt yet and I am really loving how it's turning out. Yeah!

All this is to say that she could have had her bedding a lot faster had she ordered from PB, but it wouldn't have all the love packed in. :) Pin It

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