Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Ugly

I made up these little felt bags the other night real quick (cranked 5 out while my sweet husband get our oldest ready for bed) and was pretty pleased with them...until I opened up the photos in Photoshop. These look terrible in the photo above and I almost scrapped the post. They just look ugly. Let's be honest. But I figured that crafty is often imperfect and we've got lots of imperfect around here. The only redeeming factor here is that the bags were filled with homemade cookies and jar mixes for friends and neighbors.

Hopefully, you can pick better felt and ribbon to make them more appealling. People should actually look forward to the gift inside the packaging rather than question the giver's taste. Just a thought.

Rather than punish you with more images of the same ugly I've just jotted down some quick directions.

1. Cut a rectangle of felt based on your finished dimensions. Even my diagram is a little ugly...
Length = bag height doubled +depth
Width = bag width + depth + 1/2"
2. Fold your felt right sides together and sew up the sides using a 1/4" seam allowance.

3. Box in your bottom corners without being too concerned about accuracy.

4.Turn your bag right side out and push out your corners.

5. Snip small slits at the center near the top of your bag on both sides.

6. Run a length of ribbon through both slits and tie up your little bags of love. Pin It


  1. Hmmmm. I'm confused. I took a look at the photo and my first thought was look at those super cute gift bags Kari made! So jealous. Now picture the reused paper gift bags under my tree and then you will 'see' ugly :).

  2. Oh, you're the best, Bree! :)


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