Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Girls Night Ornament Swap

I made my first ornament of the season...perhaps the only one since I don't have any others on my list. Last night my girlfriends and I had our monthly Girls Night and our hostess had the fabulous idea to do an ornament exchange. Of course, I was the only who showed up with a handmade ornament, which made me nervous that mine would be the ugly duckling of the bunch. I am happy to report that my little creation held its own.

I used blue and white felt, made a little bird, mixed hand-stitching and good old fashioned Tacky Glue, and on the back I put my gift label and embroidered "2009."

Here's the little felt number with her new owner.
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  1. Maybe I'll print out the picture of the ornament and hang it on my tree as consolation for having it so cruelly stolen from me. :) Although I will admit it is a great ornament for the mom of a newborn baby boy.


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