Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Manual Labor

We don't have washing soda yet but I was running low on detergent and made up another batch this morning. By the way, does anyone else feel like half their day as a mom is spent doing laundry? It's always amazing to me how much laundry 4 people can generate...

But, I decided to use my cheese grater for this batch and it was a success. As much as I adore my food processor, I really don't adore washing all the pieces parts. And if you thought you could put your soap covered food processor parts in the dishwasher, you would be wrong. What happens is all your other dishes get a nice Ivory residue on them. Just saying.

Oh, another change I made was grating the entire 3 bars of Ivory soap in a pack. I evened out the proportions of the recipe by using heaping cups of Oxi-Clean and Borax. It is laundry detergent, after all, not rocket science. Hopefully, precision isn't terribly critical.

In case you were wondering, here's what a cheese grater full of finely grated soap looks like...

And this is the Oxi-Clean, Borax, and soap all stirred together. After putting it in my container, I gave it a good shake and it looks almost exactly the same as the first food processor batch.

The best part about today's experiment? I only have to wash this tiny stack of dishes, which is a little victory in my house.

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  1. you're a brave soul making your own laundry soap. It seems like i do mounds of laundry all the time! It'll be interesting once the girls clothes get bigger!


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