Monday, November 30, 2009

Old School

Here's a little sneak peek at some of my Christmas gifts this year. And they do look very reminiscent of our grandmother's gifts in a jar. That would be because they are. And they're awesome.

I can't give up the goods on what loved ones will be getting in the mysterious jars, but I really enjoyed putting them together and they are a great budget Christmas gift. I found this remnant of an adorable folksy print flannel at JoAnn's and it was perfect for topping off the jars. The labels (which give instructions on how to use the mix inside) are printed on paper and then wrapped around the jars with packing tape - surprisingly finished look.

I even got to recycle the mason jars I've been hoarding. Some of those jars are so cool I just want to create a grouping of shiny empty jars on a shelf somewhere in my house. In college I used a set of mason jars for my drinking glasses, passed them onto my sister and she used & loved that I think about it, we have fewer and fewer intact drinking glasses in the cupboard. Might be time to buy a new set. Putting it on the list.

But enough of my infatuation with mason jars. If you get the itch to repurpose some jars and make some very sweet Christmas gifts, TipNut has a great compilation of sites offering free recipes for all kinds of gifts in a jar: Pin It

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