Monday, January 4, 2010

The Christmas of Quilts...part three

This is the "Daughter" half of the Mother-Daughter quilt set I made for my husband's mom and sister. My sister-in-law's quilt was my more "modern" take on a patchwork with off-set columns. I like all the white (Kona cotton squares with Kona muslin for the sashing), and I really like the Amy Butler Midwest Modern print that I used for the binding.

Again, not great pictures.
Quilts are hard to photograph...I'll have to work on that.

I really like the back, too.
Big surprise...
I used the same olive polka dot as her mom's,
but in strips rather than one solid piece.

Thanks to my sweet husband for "posing" with the quilt before I wrapped it up. :]
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  1. Wish I had time to work on a quilt. Will you help me when I'm ready?

    This one's my fave so far.

  2. Oh, I would LOVE to help you out on a quilt when you have time! :) You would make gorgeous quilts - you have a such a great eye for layout, Allison.


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