Sunday, January 3, 2010

Technical Difficulties...

Update: Yeah! Everyone seems to be able to see the images! Thanks to everyone for your help!

I'm shamelessly posting to ask for your help. Beg for your help really. I can't see all the images for my posts and it seems they're disappearing randomly and frequently...I call it bleeding images. It's driving me mad. I think it's a browser issue...I see them all in IE but not in Firefox. A girlfriend and I emailed/chatted like mad this evening to troubleshoot (thanks, Janis!) and I think we figured it out but I want to know if you all can see the pictures.

If you have a second, could you check this past post and let me know if you see two images or not: ?

If you're able, please leave a comment so I can conduct a little poll. Hopefully, it's just my browser and everyone else can still see what's been posted.

You're the best for helping out! Pin It


  1. I see two pics, and I use Firefox. Odd thing is, I can't leave a comment using Firefox; I had to switch to IE to leave this comment!


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