Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Acorns

"Tall oaks from little acorns grow."
-David Everett

My mom teaches sixth grade (and is an exceptional teacher, if you ask me, her completely unbiased daughter) and it takes a lot of time, work, and love to create a warm learning space for all those little minds in a classroom. While she was on her Christmas break, I spent a couple days helping in her classroom doing little jobs and one big job. The big job was to recover two rolling chairs. I didn't even attempt a tutorial because I would just embarrass myself if I spelled out the steps...there are many talented bloggers who are much better at this kind of thing. Suffice to say that it took some pvc pipe (to hold the crease down), a lot of staples from a staple gun, and little bit of hot glue.

We found this adorable upholstery fabric at Joann's and could not believe our luck. When my mom saw that it had acorns on it, she was in love because she always says that her students are little acorns that will one day become mighty oaks. The best part? It was on clearance for $6...then it was 50% off...then she got her 15% teacher discount! It was meant to be.

My sister and I did the chairs together, and it was fun to have a project to work on as team. She had to do most of the real work and I was more of an artistic director (the tendonitis in my hands is not happy with me when I tug too much and do things like play with staple guns - drats).

Here are some shots from our work day...

here's the before...
not so pretty, not even a little

Hemming the edges...

Centering the fabric and lining up the print....

Just a blur of motion! Look at her go!
And the finished product!
My mom loves it (and we do, too).
And, look! It's not only cute. It's a FUN chair!
(just love my goofy sister)
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  1. Isn't it amazing...the power of newly upholstered furniture! What a fun project to do with your sis. Makes me want to go garage sale/thrift store shopping to find something to upholster!

  2. Beautiful, looks like it was a fun project!

  3. Looks does your new header!

  4. Dear Brite Eyes -

    I love your blog's new look, and I love the story about the chairs. Can't tell you how many compliments those chairs have garnered....they make the room look SO welcoming. I love you sooooooooooooo much!


  5. cute chair ( and love the TOMS shoes - I am a BIG fan of them! )


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