Saturday, January 16, 2010

Itchy Itchy Ichabod

Dr. Seuss' ABC book, anyone?

I happen to have an Itchy Itchy Ichabod right here in my own house and he's 3 1/2 years old. Some kids are super sensitive to tactile anything and that would be my sweet boy. Sock seams are a particularly heinous evil in our universe...really, can't someone make seamless socks like tagless undershirts?? It would save me a world of grief.

Running a short second to the sock seams is itchy stitching in store bought clothing. If I don't get the offending item off fast enough he will rapidly dissolve into a crying mess tugging at his clothes, waling "It's itchy! It's itchy!". It breaks my heart because I know it's legit; I grew up with my equally sensitive younger sister who also could not bear sock seams or itchy clothes. On the bright side, she has grown into a fully functional adult so I don't need to worry about my little one being crippled by the itchies.

The other night I realized all of my little man's jammies were in the wash except for the ITCHY pair. Oh great. Desperate to avoid an itchy + tired meltdown I ironed some fusible interfacing (the super lightweight stuff) to the inside of the jammy top. Very easy and very quick. This is essentially what some manufacturers do to kids clothes/jammies and I only improvised the homemade solution.

I hope this might help someone else to salvage an otherwise intolerably itchy shirt for their little one. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the newly non-itchy top passed inspection and he wore it! Point for Mommy.

The guilty party

Laying out the interfacing (fusible side down)
and tracing around the itchy parts

Fused and ready to wear!

FUN FACT: a girlfriend of mine just emailed me to say that someone out there does make seamless socks:! Pin It

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  1. Impressive! Not only can you make an owie better with your magic touch but you can solve clothing crisis that quickly! You're an amazing mommy (and just as good of a friend too).


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