Sunday, January 17, 2010

Skyline Scarf

Here is a linen scarf I made for a girlfriend of mine. I wanted something sophisticated that she could accessorize with for work. Knowing her style, I knew it should be something J.Crew or Banana Republic inspired. Here is what I came up, and it even has a name: the Skyline Scarf. I never name my projects but the stitching reminds me of a city skyline full of bustling energy...and it just makes me happy.

Another close-up of the stitching I like so much...
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  1. so pretty! Looks soft and comfy, too!

  2. How fun!! Love it!

    Perfect to wear "bowling!!" It was fun meeting you today!!

  3. Kari,
    Just found your blog today and I'm going to subscribe! You've got some great ideas my friend!
    -Sarah from Create Studio

  4. Thanks for the kinds words! I plan to make more of these when I work through my crafty to-do list...


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