Thursday, March 18, 2010

J.Crew Inspired Skirt

I say "inspired" because it sounds so much better than "knock off"...

Last weekend I got a little time to myself (read: I bolted from the house after a very long week) and headed to the mall. This is a treat I don't get very often and it was wonderful. Having a gift card for J.Crew, I headed in to look around. It shouldn't surprise me, but the prices always throw me for a loop. The styles I LOVE and would own them all if our budget permitted. But, alas, not this year. The good thing is that several of their pieces are not all that complicated in construction which leaves my imagination to run wild...

Take, for instance, this little skirt. I tried it on in the store and loved it. Good length, lightweight fabric, pockets, and not too dressy for everyday wear. Oh, but it cost $69.50. Hmmm. But, wait a looked so simple. I did a full inspection on the skirt in the dressing room and headed straight to the fabric store on my way home. Armed with 2" elastic, fabric for $1.95 per yard, and a head full of plans I set to work.

This is my image, very similar to the one on the website if you cruise around.
And the hem looks uneven but it's just a wonky photo...two crazy little monkeys kept me from getting a better shot.

I used two squares of fabric, added pockets, and created a 2 1/2" casing at the waist. Then I finally figured out how to do a blind hem stitch on my machine - yeah! I am not saying it's as great as the little J.Crew number by any means. The fabric is not nearly as nice and it's not lined (this is because I wasn't confident enough to try lining and made a little slip instead...that had to be as much work as lining it, right?) and it's just not the same as buying the skirt from the store. But I'm pretty happy with them overall (1 cream & 1 sage green) and will definitely be wearing them.

By the way, am I breaking any rules here? I wouldn't want to do something unethical in regards to making my own knock off...can anybody out there assuage my guilty conscience?
You guys are the best! Thanks for the reassurance that I won't be hauled off.
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  1. Very nice! I see nothing at all wrong with finding inspiration in the stores we frequent. After all, as my mom has always said, "There's nothing new under the sun." :)

  2. cute! great job Kari. I think you're okay since everyone likes to be inspired by them.

  3. Man, oh, Man! Not only can you sew really well, but you look darn good in what you sew. Now that's the true test of a good seamstress. You are so beautiful. Oh, and the skirt's really cute, too :)

    Love you!


  4. I love the skirt, so cute and you look great in it! If I had the confidence to sew for myself I might just try it...alas I am just not that good with "big-people" clothes....maybe someday....

  5. oh gosh you're doing nothing wrong you can make whatever you want for personal use without any problem. It turned out great!

  6. love look great wearing it. did you find something to spend your gc on though?

  7. very nice. i love jcrew for inspiration!

  8. Wow! It looks great on you!! Good job!

  9. Very cute! Found your site through a friend. I'm definitely going to try it. I was wondering, how big were your fabric squares? And any tips on how to add pockets? (I'm a new sewer). Thanks!

  10. delightful and delicious! great job.

    what fabric did you purchase? is it a kona cotton? did you go to joann fabrics? (that's about all we have for a 40 mile radius...)

  11. Wow - you guys are so sweet! Thanks for the skirt love. And I can answer a couple questions in return...
    1. I did buy a GREAT pair of shorts with the gc :)
    2. The fabric is actually a broadcloth (thicker than what I've seen at Joanns) bought at a local discount fabric store Yardage Town.
    3. I used 24" squares (I'm a size 4 at J.Crew) but didn't measure the skirt in the store or anything; this could be trial and error for each person
    Thanks again!

  12. He-llo...I love it! I too am a HUGE fan of J. Crew but the prices just kill me, I just can't do it. HOWEVER, I just got a new sewing machine for my birthday (yeah me!) and I think might just have to make an inspired skirt myself. I love a skirt with pockets....

  13. What a terrific idea! The elastic waist makes me think I could make myself one (I'm 20 weeks pregnant...) for the summer?
    We have a friday fun find part- we'd love it if you'd link up!

  14. great job! i want to do the same with an alice + olivia skirt!


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