Monday, March 15, 2010

Mr. Roboto

Lil Blue Boo posted the most adorable Mr. & Mrs. Roboto awhile back (seriously, how generous is that?) and I fell in love immediately. Then I waited and waited for the right project...

And a First Birthday Boy t-shirt was my reward for all that waiting around! I appliqued Mr. Roboto on the front and a number one on the back for the birthday bash this past weekend. All the fabrics are from the "Robots" line by David Walker for Free Spirit, which I absolutely love.

I just love giving a handmade gift, even a simple one like this. Now I just have to find a use for Mrs. Roboto...I'm thinking I'll put it on a hoodie for myself. How cute would that be? Pin It


  1. So cute! Great idea. I love how yours turned out. :)

  2. So cute!!! Thanks for linking back too!


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